Qute is a style of icons and a theme for Firefox which uses them. For various reasons (see blog post), the theme is no longer available for current versions of Firefox.

Qute dates back to the early days of Mozilla Firefox, when it was called Phoenix. It was born out of the desire to make the browser look more modern and better integrate with the system. The theme even shipped as the default for a while.

Even though it has kept the same name, I have refined or even completely remade the theme several times, because I simply wasn’t very good back when I first designed it. As a result, the latest version is quite a bit different from (and better than) the first, although I have tried to keep its original spirit.

SVG files

Here you can download zip files containing the icons, that may be used for example in web sites and software. They are available in the original SVG vector format, in which you can easily edit or resize them.

Available under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.

Get the SVG image set

Firefox Theme

The theme is only available for the outdated Firefox 3.6, so I can’t recommend using it anymore

Qute on the Firefox Add-ons site

Adaptations by Other People

for Application Author
Opera Mikael Winterkvist
Total Commander X-Byte