Icons and themes

Designing icons and other user-interface graphics is an interest of mine. I have created two collections of icons, most well known in the form of themes for Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird. They were even used as defaults in the early days of these applications. Since a while back, I don’t develop the themes anymore, but some other people have adapted them for current Firefox versions and other applications.


Qute dates back to the earliest days of Mozilla Firefox, which was then called Phoenix. It was born out of the desire to make the browser look more modern and better integrate with the system.

History and more about Qute


Kempelton was conceived when I was designing the new graphics for Mozilla Thunderbird 2.0. I wanted a style that matched contemporary operating systems and still had its own character.

Image sets

Here you can find sets of PNG images and the original SVG files, which are suitable for scaling and editing. Since the icons were created primarily for Firefox, the sets are not very complete for general usage. Provide attribution by linking to this website.

Creative Commons License


Pale MoonKempelton Reloadedpreview
Qute 4 PMpreview1
Qute Legacypreview2
Total CommanderX-Qute 
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