Themes discontinued

It’s time to finally end my theming efforts. I have no plans to update my themes for Firefox 4 or later. Reasons for this include a better default theme, a lower number of users of my themes and a large amount of work required just for maintenance. Thanks to everyone who has been using them.

I welcome suggestions of opportunities to make use of my design skills.

64 Replies to “Themes discontinued”

  1. Thank you sir. I have used your add-on Kempleton 3.2 (small icon) system for nearly two years on Firefox, up to version 3.6.

    I’ve just upgraded to 4 and was told your package wasn’t supported. Horrific as I wanted to maintain a maximum screen real-estate. Anyway I went ahead with the upload.

    But Firefox 4 is so incredibly similar to your format! Great! Do you work for Mozilla? Are they giving you royalties?? If not, why not!

    Thank you Arvid.

  2. I’ve waited with updating to FF 4.0 for a long time, just to get the Kempelton theme. Today I thought about checking out what took it so long. Bad news, sorry to hear this.

    Good luck and thanks for all the fish.

  3. I’m really sad, qute is for me the best theme.
    On linux, the default theme is the GTK+ theme witch is the same since ff 2.0 si I’ll really miss Qute.

    I tried to port your theme to ff4 but I didn’t found any help and the differences were really too huge to do it only by myself T_T

    I’ll really miss it.

  4. It’s really bad, that seems to have left those theme-developers standing alone outside in the rain. Anyhow I want to thank you for having developed and maintained such great themes!

  5. Thanks for all your work over the years. My all-time favourite Qute version is still the one that came with pre-1.0 FF, back when it was still known as Firebird!

  6. You can’t seriously think Firefox 30 got “a better default theme”, can you? THE DEFAULT THEME OF FIREFOX 30 IS THE WORST DEFAULT THEME EVER!!!

    I mean, look at it! First, it’s a soulless (bad) clone of Chrome’s default theme. Secondly, it got monstrously fat tabs. Third, why in the world it’s tabs with angled sides? That eat space for absolutely nothing.

    I understand Mozilla both wanting Firefox to look more like Thunderbird and like Google Chrome. But the result is nothing but unconvincing. (…Unless in convince you to switch to Google Chrome.)

  7. The better default theme mentioned in this post is that introduced in Firefox 4. Although, I think Firefox 29 was another nice improvement. But I have already switched to Chrome for other reasons.

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