Kempelton 3.2

Kempelton 3.2 Firefox screenshotThe new Kempelton version has an updated back and forward button style just like Qute 4.1, as well as a few more improvements. Each of the default set of toolbar icons has been carefully tweaked in color and shape. The back and forward buttons are slightly lighter and the stop icon is more subdued and shaded more consistent with the other icons.

With such a simple design as that of the Kempelton reload icon, you might think it would be easy to find the right shape, but I have kept finding the need to refine it in pretty much every version.

Together, I think, the impression is lighter and more balanced and harmonic.

Kempelton Large is also updated.

Icon set additions

The SVG set is updated as well and has a few additions not in the Firefox theme, seen here. They were for an updated Thunderbird theme, but then I lost interest and got less time.

16 Replies to “Kempelton 3.2”

  1. Thank You!!! For updating your themes for Firefox 3.6, great
    job on the update. very much appreciated, Arvid.

  2. Simply the greatest Firefox theme!
    Thank’s for updating it to work with 3.6 🙂
    I can’t seam to get personas to work any more though.
    Any one else experiencing the same?

  3. If anyone is having problems with personas,
    you have to downgrade personas to version 1.4.
    It’s not a bug with the theme.
    This theme is the greatest.

  4. Thank that much, buddy.

    Updated my fox a second ago, wondered why my favorite theme doesn’t work and boom there’s already an update!

  5. can you make the inactive grey colour a bit lighter? (as it was in v3.0.5)
    i cant replace the back forward png anymore cause it looks messedup 😦

    example of the difference between 3.0.5 with the old toolbar and new back forward

  6. Hello! Thanx for your great firefox theme. I just installed the latest version, but I have a small problem: Many of the icons in the menus are not visible (eg, “File -> New Tab”, and so on). Any workaround for that? Using Firefox 3.6 (Linux). Thanx…

  7. glad to see an update for firefox so soon after i upgraded to 3.6! the address book icons near the end of your post renewed my interest in getting a kempleton theme for thunderbird, so hopefully you’ll get more time for that again.

    thanks again for providing the best firefox theme for windows!

  8. Arvid, please port Kempelton theme over to Thunderbird 3 as well. The default TB3 theme looks just awful.

  9. hej arvid,

    first of all thanks for your brillant work on the kempelton theme!!
    i can’t understand why it still isn’t the default theme for ff.

    and i can only agree with ibauer, having a kempelton theme for tb would be just awesome!

  10. Love, love, love this theme. Unfortunately it doesn’t work on OS X any more… 😦

    I know you stopped making it Mac compatible because of some bug in FF 2 that you couldn’t (or didn’t want to) work around. Is that bug still there? If it’s been fixed, could you please make this work with OS X again? This is by far my favorite theme, but I can’t use it on most of my computers.

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