Qute 3.3.2

Qute 3.3.2 for Firefox has been released. This version adds Firefox 3 compatibility, but doesn’t replace the default icons for any new features. I’m not happy with the quality of this release. A proper update necessitates a complete remake, which I’ve begun developing, but the focus of my efforts lately has been Kempelton 3.

15 Replies to “Qute 3.3.2”

  1. Also a small problem with the drop-down boxes in preferences as seen under fonts & colors in this screenshot: http://bildr.no/view/215200

    I guess this could also be a problem with my linux-theme, but it looks ok with the default firefox theme.

  2. I’m totally losing my vertical scrollbar with Qute 3.3.2 on FF 3.0 Mac, all extensions disabled. Thanks for your hard work on a great theme.

  3. Hi, I actually just sent Arvid an email regarding the scroll bar issue with MAC OS, as I too am experiencing the same problem. It seems this is a pretty common problem when using themes with FF3 on MAC OS X, even though the default (ugly) theme works fine.
    Thanks again

  4. Will Qute become available for Mac OS in Firefox 3? I’ve used this theme ever since I started using Firefox, and the fact that I can’t use it anymore is making me regret downloading Firefox 3. Firefox doesn’t feel the same without it…

  5. Do you have any plans on a *real* update with replaced icons for new features like the unified back and forward button? At the moment I think it would be even better to use Firefox default theme’s unified button, since the two separate buttons look kind of bare in FX3…

  6. Hello Arvid,
    I rather like Qute, so don’t give up! I especially like the separate back and forward buttons (yes, it’s me again). Although, I can see why you would concentrate on Kempelton Large – it seems to be the one and only really good large icon theme.
    I did notice, though, that if you click on History > Show All History that the resulting box is lacking the Qute theme.

  7. I love your work, I wasn’t aware that you are also the author of my favorite icon set for Total Commander!
    Thank you for your work it is appreciated and I LOVE it!

    Greetings from Macedonia =)

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