Theme platform support

Supporting Mac OS X has turned out to be too difficult. I was able to fix the scrollbar issue but it’s a clumsy solution I’d rather not have to deal with. And even then, a host of other issues remain. So I will just consider it unsupported. If anyone wants to create Mac OS X versions of my themes, let me know.

I’ve marked the themes as for Windows on Firefox Add-ons. I’m not sure it’s necessary to mark other systems such as Linux unsupported, but they only allow the choice of a single platform or all. There appears to be many problems on Linux anyway, so it might be best. You can always download and install it manually.

9 Replies to “Theme platform support”

  1. Updated to Kempelton 3.0.3, but it seems that the spinning activity indicator vanishes when spinning!

    It will only come back when the page fully loaded and stops.

  2. Very nice! Your hard work definitely shows as this theme looks great.

    It works on Ubuntu 8.04 quite well BTW. Only two issues that I’ve noticed, and these seem common to all FF3 themes I’ve tried other than the default:
    – top level menu label disappears when the menu is highlighted (text colour matches background colour)
    – arrows in menus are quite large (i.e. multi-level context menus, or for folders in bookmarks).

    Nothing big enough to prevent me from using this excellent theme.

    Hopefully the add-ons area allows multi-platform selection (rather than just single or “all”). With it marked as Windows only, the add-ons manager doesn’t notice/find your updates. Not your problem though.

    Thanks again!

  3. could you ask someone ( not me 🙂 ) to assist you with Linux version?
    may be someone from community can help with linux version of Kempelton…

  4. I’m quite disappointed that these wonderful themes are no longer officially available for linux. Mozilla really dropped the ball with their “native” theme which is beyond nauseating. To have made it so difficult for an experienced theme developer such as yourself to maintain a working theme across all OSs is just a shame.

  5. hey
    i have a good idea.
    there are a lot of manga fans in the world.
    If you make those icons as the image of those manga or comic images ,
    let them make the Firefox more their own style ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    am i smart ?
    i think firefox should thanks me for the suggestion
    can you write more on the blog ,by the way .it is all about PC and design .
    Can you write something like the flower and birds you met on the way home ?
    something like that
    hihi ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  6. Hmm, damn, shame it’s so crappy. I really, really absolutely hate the default Mac OS theme. I’ve installed a version of Qute and am coping without scroll bars, frankly because the Mac thing is so goddamn awful.

    Man, it totally sucks. I might well look into theming Qute back onto it if I had more knowledge on where to start, just a shame you couldn’t solve the problems easily.

    Any more info on the future problems/issues? If I or anyone else looks into it, I presume it’s got deeper underlying “buggers up themes which works fine on windows” then we all know about.

  7. Andrew: It’s basically that for native themes, you now have to make a separate theme based on the default of that platform. Shouldn’t be very difficult in itself but I can’t test anything. And then it’s another burden to keep updated.

  8. Awesome, might check it out then. I know what you mean too, before I owned my Macbook, I was like “so what if there isn’t a mac version?” for software I used 😛

    How I lamented that when I did get one and even OpenOffice lacked a version for it. Having the Firefox guys make platform specific nonsense is bemusing too, sigh.

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