Kempelton 3.1

preview-white-textKempelton 3.1 is released. It is updated for, and requires, Firefox 3.5 (beta). (If you don’t want to run a pre-release, you shouldn’t have to wait much longer until it’s final.)

Other than that, the theme has been refined in numerous areas. Among the more noticeable are the icons for back, forward, reload and print.

I have also updated the SVG set with the new graphics.

Kempelton 3.1 Firefox screenshot

16 Replies to “Kempelton 3.1”

  1. Hi

    I am using Firefox 3.5b4pre on Windows XP (German). Kempelton 3.1 displays a Button called “Bookmarks Toolbar” on the right Side of the Bookmarks Toolbar. I can’t delete this Button, so I hope you can fix it soon.

    Thanks so much for your work on Kempelton, the best Theme for Firefox 😉 .


  2. can i have a version with the default style inactive faded back and forward buttons, finding it off-putting having it black

  3. DM: The spacing is unchanged since 3.0.5 and not like in your picture, by default. Your spacing must be modified by some other means, like a user style or extension.

  4. fixed it o/ added the following to userChrome.css
    .toolbarbutton-icon {margin: 0px 0px 0px 0px !important;}

    now everything fits on my toolbar again 🙂

  5. Hi Arvid

    Beautiful theme.
    I’m not any pro regarding computers and so but I like your theme and wondered if it supposed to have this “yellowish” (default xp?) background, or?

    How do I if possible change that?



  6. When using the Kempelton theme, folder icons are missing in the “Brief” add-on.
    Brief is a popular RSS reader addon.

  7. Thank you Arvid for this beautiful theme. I loved Qute in the early versions of Firebird/Firefox but Kempelton is actually even better!

    Given the amazing work you have obviously put into it it seems churlish to offer any criticism whatsoever. I would just say that I agree with the poster above when he or she says that the ‘not-available-at-the-moment’ forward and stop icons are just a touch too dark. Would you lighten them up a shade? Of course it could be simply that the usual angle that I look at my laptop’s screen at is making things looking a bit too too dark (if I lift my head up by 30cm they do indeed go a much lighter gray).

  8. Hi,

    Just wanted to say that I love Kempelton!

    One suggestion: It would be great if the background of the toolbars could be a different color, like the dark blue you used at the top of the addons & options screens.

    Thanks & great work!

  9. Hi,
    Honestly I think Kempelton is the best Firefox theme, the only suggestion I can make is about the activity indicator. I don’t like the spinng too much, and also it doesn’t seem to be transparent, I can clearly see a white trail when it is moving.
    I hope you consider this in your next version.

  10. i recently upgraded my windows installation of thunderbird to version 3, and while its icons aren’t bad they’re also not kempleton icons which are my favorite icons for firefox and thunderbird on windows. do you plan on releasing a kempleton theme for thunderbird 3?

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