Qute 4.1

With a new Firefox version almost out, it is time for my “traditional” theme updates. Other than Firefox 3.6 compatibility, Qute 4.1 hasn’t changed very much. An exception being a few changes to the back and forward buttons.Qute 4.1 Firefox screenshot

The forward button has a revised shape, inspired by Firefox 4 mock-ups. It is shaded with more depth to better match the back button. The etching around the buttons is removed which helps reducing clutter, and the drop-down arrow has a clearer mouse-over indication.

The SVG set is also updated.

10 Replies to “Qute 4.1”

  1. On Windows Firefox 3.6, Qute 4.1, I have fixed tooltip-labels (white text on the light grey background) with

    color: black !important;

    but that didn’t fix my Qute button tooltip-labels.

    If I could find the qute.jar (god I’ve looked), I could probably find the fix.

    Can you point me in the right direction ?


  2. Okay, now I just feel silly. I still don’t have the CSS that will force the tooltip-labels to be a different color than my system tooltips. But it did occur to me to color my system tooltip text black.

    Still, I wouldn’t mind the fix.


  3. Hi, I’ve just installed your theme add-on that is Qute 4.1 from http://addons.mozila.org, and I can’t install it on firefox 3.6, the button “use theme” is disabled, do you know why, and how to fix this problem?

    Thanks. Hope you reply.


  4. Hello again, now I can use your theme.

    I think, your themes kempelton and qute are the best, they’re my favorite ^^, thank you so much for making those themes.

    Okay, problem solved 🙂

  5. Nice theme. Always been.

    Now make it compatible with the new personas option in firefox 3.6 and you get a winner.

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