Kempelton 2.0 released

So, after many hours of work I have finished, more or less, the Kempelton 2.0 theme for Firefox. For this version, every icon has been recreated from the ground up. This was necessitated by my move from Paint Shop Pro to Inkscape, but the quality has been significantly improved in the process. I have been even more careful in the design than before, paying much attention also to the less frequently visible icons.

Not only is Kempelton 2.0 my best work yet, I’m also making the original vector files available under a Creative Commons license, allowing you to use and modify them, under some conditions. I expect to expand on the number of icons in the future, with new Thunderbird icons for example.

9 Replies to “Kempelton 2.0 released”

  1. Your Kempelton icons are wonderful, I use the bigger PE version for firefox (found it through Will you update the PE version to 2.0 too? And – will there be a PE version for thunderbird? Or maybe (just dreaming) big icons in that style for OOo? That’s the crux with those GTK apps, as a plain user you cannot adjust the icon size on the fly as in KDE apps, you always have to find (or create) a special theme with big icons :-(. Many thanks for this one!

  2. Thank you. The new large version for Firefox should be done in a couple of days or so. If there will be a large version for Thunderbird… yes, probably, but don’t expect it very soon. For OOo, I don’t think so.

  3. Really great icons! I’m eager to see the Thunderbird theme – they’re just plain beautiful. And thanks for sharing SVG sources 🙂

  4. Great icons! 2.0 are even better! I use the Kempelton themes for both Firefox 2.0 and Thunderbird 2.0, on Win XP.

    Do you have an estimate release date for Kemepelton 2.0 for Thunderbird?

    Thanks and keep your work!

  5. Stefan: I think making one is better left to someone who’s using that browser.
    Juan: Later this year. When there will be a Tb release including it is another matter. (I don’t want the hassle of releasing/maintaining a separate theme as well.)

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