13 Replies to “Kempelton Large 2.0 is out”

  1. I really love the extra stuff you added between Kempelton PE and Kempelton Large (the bigger bookmark icons, the tabs’ close button etc.). But alas I really do prefer the look of the older Kempelton PE icons because they are sharper and clearer (especially the printer icon, but also the navigation buttons, refresh, stop, home, bookmarks, history, download manager, new tab, new window). Is there a way to mix those two? Having the old large 1.0 icons together with the new 2.0 addtions?

    And will it also be possible to get larger icons for other extensions like e.g. clearfields (http://alex.alexander.googlepages.com/clearfields)? Have bigger icons for other extensions to be included into Kempelton PE or into the other extension?

  2. It’s possible to mix the themes but not in a very simple way. Look for a theming tutorial if you want to know about that.

    I’m afraid I don’t want to support extensions. There’s enough to do anyway.

  3. I cant find Kempelton PE anymore! The spacing on Large is to much! I use PE and set it to small Icons which has been a perfect size. It allows me to stick other addons in the top along the menu bar. Now its to fat as well.

  4. I loved the Kempleton PE theme more than the Large…

    but either way you make nice clean themes easy to click and easy to use, thanks and keep up the smashing good work

    please make the Kempleton PE available on FFX3, thanks

  5. We urgently need Kemeplton Large for Firefox 3.0 since my Dad is very short-eyed and there is no other acceptable large theme for FF.

    So please make the large theme version of Kempleton! It’s really the best large theme for Firefox. Pleeeeeaaase…..

  6. Hi,
    I am also waiting for Kempelton large for firefox 3. We updated firefox in the office, so I cannot use the old version, and I did not find any other big and nice theme like kempelton.

  7. I too would love to see Kempelton Large for FF 3. It really the only one in its category worth the download, imo. 🙂

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