35 Replies to “Updates for Firefox 3”

  1. *sigh of relief* Thank goodness, I was hoping that you’d update Qute for Firefox 3. I can’t live without your icons, it makes my browsing experience serene. Thank-you.

  2. Will you be adapting the themes for the new keyhole back/forward setup, or preserving the classic individual buttons — or doing them both ways?

    I’ve been using Qute since it was the default theme, and it’s fantastic. Thanks for keeping it alive.

    Sorry, michael, I deleted your comment by mistake. I will adapt the keyhole shape.

  3. Oh I hope Qute comes out soon for Firefox the new default theme for OS X is so damn ugly (and who wants it to look like Safari anyway?). Your icons are the best, and I wish they were still the default!!!

  4. Thank You Arvid!

    I’m on Vista and just cannot stand the new Firefox 3 Theme. It’s a mess on XP as well.

    The first I did was search for themes on Addons…my heart sank when I realised that Qute/Kempleton (basically your themes =D) weren’t updated for Firefox 3.

    Can’t wait for the updates!

    Thanks a ton.

  5. I second Jonah, I just LOVE your themes and would like to see them remain the default (The themes Firefox has used since the Post-Qute days are in no way aesthetically pleasing)

  6. I wish I would have found your blog before writing you about the update. Swiftweasel has used Kempelton for awhile now and I’m glad to know Swiftweasel 3.0 will have Kempelton as a default theme at some point.

  7. With every new Firefox version the new themes become more and more ugly. And the newest Firefox 3 Windows xp theme IMO is the most hideous of all the other ones that were ever released. Especially the stop and reload buttons really lack of imagination.

    That’s why I’m glad that you are updating the most beautiful theme ever released: Qute.

  8. I totally agree with the guys above!

    I started using 3.0b4 and got pretty much all of my extensions to work with the new version which is an ABSOLUTE must for me (e.g. I will no longer surf without NoScript)

    BUT after about 2 to 3 hours of using FF3.0 (forcefully without Qute or Kempelton) it really started to hurt my eyes so much that I restored my old 2.0 copy of Fx with Kempelton enabled.

    This is absolutely no exaggeration the the default 2.0 theme is just useless (just to name the bookmarks icon) and the 3.0 is just awful in its color selection and so on

    I just really hope you make the Kempelton “3.0” fully compatible with XP themes like 1.0 was
    I use 2.0 at work since XP themes are deactivated there and it looks fine … but 2.0 on a themed XP is just ugly.


  9. Thanks, Arvid. I am so sick of the Firefox 3 “default” theme I’m actually using the Qute Modded for Firefox 3 theme I found on addons.mozilla.org until you release your Firefox 3 version.

    The new “default” theme has such terribly bland icons and that silly IE-esque “keyhole” Back/Forward buttons. For the life of me, I cannot understand this need to make Firefox look like something else. I say, “Let Firefox be Firefox!” If others need their Firefox to look and feel more like IE, then they can get an IE theme! In fact, I have liked Qute since the pre-1.0 days. I’ll never figure out why the developers did not keep Qute as Firefox’s default theme.

  10. Hi,

    Im waiting too. This sntry was written 3 month ago, and he FF3 is in Beta5 now.

    How is the development of the theme now?

  11. Hey, your themes are always the best. I can’t wait for a version for FF3. I appreciate all your hard work.

  12. πŸ˜₯ thank you for support we just can live with this style :’)
    please update theme for firefox 3 as soon as possibly because firefox 3 rc1 released … thanks again

  13. Arvid!! Hello!!
    Is there any posibility that you make an icon set to skin gmail with qute icons?
    I have greasemonkey, and I found this beautiful style theme to use on gmail, but it would be AWESOME if you made a script with your qute theme.
    I really love Qute!!!

  14. are you any closer with Kempelton? Firefox 3 comes out June 17th and your last news about your themes is from February 15th…

  15. can you release a beta test theme for firefox 3? with default firefox theme we can’t see any divider πŸ˜₯
    i hope you hear and ask us :’)

  16. Thanks for both Qute and Kempelton themes for Firefox.
    Can’t wait to be able to use them again in Version 3.

  17. Thank you Arvid for your answer!!
    I’ll be waiting for the icon set expansion then, and studying javascript language, I’ll make it!! At least, for personal use.
    I would love my firefox theme match my gmail theme.LOL
    Again, thank you Arvid for answer me!!

  18. Arvid my hero please update the Kempleton as soon as possible i simply can’t the new FF3 theme and i can’t find any Large themes that look as good yours…lets make it happen πŸ™‚

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